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The Cairns hydrovac non-destructive digging excavation specialists are Samark Electrical. This locally owned and operated company combine professional equipment with their other specialist electrical and cable / utility locating services, to provide a one-stop shop when it comes to your development / digging project. Contact us on (07) 4054 6511 or



Hydrovac non-destructive digging uses high powered water to penetrate (or ‘dig’) into the ground, creating a soft muddy type consistency. This slurry is then sucked (or ‘vacuumed’) out of the ground using high powered hoses, leaving the site ‘clean’ and ready for further works.

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A range of applications including difficult to access sites, confined area excavations, strip trenching, digging post holes, power poles, pits and footings, roping conduits, cleaning and unblocking pipes and removing concrete cutting slurry and other liquid wastes from a site.

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Samark provide their hydrovac, non-destructive digging and excavation services across Cairns and surrounding regions, with clients from Cardwell to Gordonvale, Atherton to Kuranda, Cairns to Palm Cove and Mossman. Competitive rates. Professional services.

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We’re pleased to provide an easy online estimate request for our hydrovac excavation services. Scroll down. Otherwise, the Samark Electrical head office is located at 16 Ponzo Street in Woree. Drop in or contact us today for more information on (07) 4054 6511.

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Our specialist equipment includes two Vac Trucks, with the following details.

Vac Truck 1 = 9m Long, 2.5m Wide, 3.15m High, Weighs 15 Tonne, 4000L

Vac Truck 2 = 9m Long, 2.5m Wide, 3.35m High, Weighs 12.5 Tonne, 3000L

These trucks feature High Pressure Water Pumps with a Pressure Sensitive Regulating Unloader Valve. Committed to quality and safety in all areas of operation, Samark completes risk assessments prior to starting work on any project. Contact us today on (07) 4054 6511.


Perfect for all non-destructive digging projects and developments across Cairns and North Queensland. Can penetrate a variety of soil types, from alluvial, to sandy riverbed, tight clay and hard / compacted earth. Services can be completed in all weather conditions. No waste or spoil left on site.

Samark can safely dispose of waste products, including sites with contaminated soils (fuel depots etc). By combining Samark’s cable and utility locating services, with its hydrovac digging excavation services, clients virtually eliminate any potential personal injury and utility damage during their development / digging project.


We’re pleased to provide an easy online job request form for our hydrovac excavation services.

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